Are you looking to file your Canadian tax return but can’t find/have misplaced your tax documents?

For many individuals who are new to Canada on a working holiday visa it is very common to take on multiple casual jobs, as well as having multiple addresses within the tax year. As such many lose or do not receive T4 documents from old employers. Does this sound like you? Fear not, we have commenced a new online tax slip service whereby for a $30 fee we will be able to download copies of your tax slips from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) website and provide them to you.

Why is it important to file your tax return including all tax slips from the year?

When filing your tax return, you are submitting a declaration to CRA of your income for the tax year. If you fail to include T4 information from all employers from the tax year it could be deemed as a failure to declare income by CRA. Usually, CRA will give a pass to first time offenders, however if you fail to declare all income on multiple tax returns then CRA will impose penalties. It is best advised to stay on CRA’s good side as they can are more likely to forgive small penalties and interest amounts if you are in their good books.

How do we download your tax slips?

If you need our services to download all tax slips for the tax slip, we can provide you with an authorization form. Once we have received a signed copy of the authorization form, we will submit a copy to CRA. This will then allow us to log into your online CRA account and download the tax slips. If you would prefer to only allow limited access to your online CRA account you can limit the access to a certain time period.

Set up a MyCRA account to download the tax slips yourself!

You can skip this service entirely by setting up your online CRA account yourself! If you would rather save $30 you can contact CRA and set up your CRA online account, where you will have access to tax slips for all years in which you have worked in Canada. Please note, CRA does not allow individuals who are filing taxes for the first time to set up an online CRA account, this can create a bit of a catch 22 for those who are unable to get a copy of all of their tax slips and are also unable to access their online CRA account. 

Does this tax slip download service sound like a good option for you?

If you wish to pursue this tax slip download service, please do not hesitate to contact us at or visit our Vancouver office* and let us know how we can be of assistance. We will then forward an authorization form to you which will provide us with the permission required to download your tax slips, simple!

**At the time of publishing our Vancouver office is unavailable for in person meetings due to COVID-19. Please reach our team via email –