JacksTaxBack.com First Canadian Tax Return Company To Accept Bitcoin, RaiBlocks And Other Cryptocurrencies

JacksTaxBack.com is happy to announce that for the upcoming 2017 tax year and beyond, we will now be accepting a number of different cryptocurrencies, as a form of payment for your tax return.

You talked, we listened.

With a number of requests in the last few months, we are now accepting the following cryptocurrencies as a way to pay for your tax return. Our current list of accepted cryptocurrencies are:

Bitcoin Cash

Why would you want to pay your tax return fee in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency?

With an increasing number of people reaping the rewards of their early investment and adoption of cryptocurrency gaining new heights, it seems only fair that you should be able to pay for your tax return in this way.

With cryptocurrencies offering quick transaction speeds and low fees, with RaiBlocks being completely free to transfer between accounts, it has never been easier to pay for your tax return in cryptocurrency.

The other people that will greatly benefit from paying in cryptocurrency are those that no longer have a Canadian bank account, with it greatly helping to break down the borders and provide a simple and easy way to pay for your return.

Is there a cryptocurrency you want to see us accepting?

If there is another cryptocurrency you want to see us accepting then why not get in contact with us today, we’d be pleased to look into officially accepting new coins.

Talking of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, what are my tax obligations?

For those not sure about their tax obligations for Bitcoin, or asking the question ‘do I need to declare my Bitcoin earnings or profit’ drop us a line and we will bring you up to speed.

Can I claim capital losses from cryptocurrency investments?

In certain circumstances you reduce your tax payable, or increase your tax rebate, by using any capital losses sustained through cryptocurrency investments. Talk to the team at JacksTaxBack.com to get the coin rolling on your tax return.

JTB now accepting cryptocurrency