Not claimed your 2015 Canadian tax back? It’s not too late!

Think you have missed the deadline for filing your 2015 Canadian tax return?

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t too late!

This is great news for those of you that are due to receive a tax rebate/refund, which is mostly anyone that worked during 2015 or any other year that they have not previously claimed for.

To get a free and no obligation tax return quote simply send us an email with a photo or scan of your T4 or T4s, along with the date you entered and exited Canada and we’ll get a free quote to you by the next day.

Not sure what a T4 is, or how to obtain one? We’ve got all the details on our frequently asked questions page.

Also note that if you were an overseas worker or student working in Canada, you are still entitled to claim your tax refund even if you have returned home. For our flat fee of $40 it is a quick and easy process with no hidden charges.

With our average refund for 2015 being over $800 it would be crazy to let well earned money go unclaimed!

Jonathan Thomas went for a boat trip… what will you spend your tax rebate on?