Returned home from Canada? You can still file a tax return

Returned home from Canada? The good news is that you can still file a tax return, even from outside of the country.

If you have returned home from Canada and not claimed your tax back for 2015, or any year that you worked during your time in the country, then the chances are that you are due a large tax rebate.

Filing is simple and only requires a copy or photo of a T4 from each job that you held. T4s can be obtained by contacting your employer, so send them over to us once you have them and we’ll get you a free quote.

If you like the quote then we will file for $40. How is easy is that?

Our average tax return for 2015 was $800, so make sure you don’t miss out on any money that is owed to you. Tax doesn’t have to be taxing, so get in contact with us today!

(Note: If you are missing any documents or information then speak to us and we can help assist you with retrieving them.)